Learning to listen...

I'll be honest here. My own convictions get in the way sometimes, which has proven to quiet God's voice in my life. And what's worse is I barely notice, because I'm comfortably relaxed in my own little world, driven by my limited human-foresight on every around me. Ignoring the One who created it.
"And the Lord came and stood, calling as at other times, 'Samuel! Samuel!' And Samuel said, 'Speak, for your servant hears.' "
1 Samuel 3:10
It takes time to develop this type of dedication of hearing. If not maintained, one only hears God's voice inconsistently.


Lord, Thank You!

I thank You for the adversity in my life, because #1: It could always be worse than it is, and #2: It draws me closer to You under the circumstances of this world. Its comforting to know that You have a consistent heart and mind to use all situations for our good and for Your glory.

Thank You for not giving up on me even when I ignore hearing or stop searching for Your voice. Your patience is continuously beyond what I could ever imagine in my life.

Thank you for shaping my character in mind, body, spirit and soul. I could never do so on my own and succeed at being the best version of me there is, in Your light. You are the Creator, my Creator with my blue-print, so of course I trust You with my life, my plans, my ambitions.

Please help me act and think in spirit and not in flesh in this current situation [undisclosed] at this point in my life. I need You, Holy Spirit, to help me make You proud of Your daughter.