NEW Music To the Archive [January 1st 2019]

Latest additions to my ever-growing music archive...

Yes, I definitely was on a French music vibe, December into January. After hearing one song, you just have to jump down the rabbit hole and find MORE, right? Makes sense.

Dadju ft. Franglish - "Django"
This one is a staple in my list now. Video's a movie production. Concept: Girl's family doesn't like him. He doesn't care, etc. Simple but great.

Abou Debeing - "Griffon d’or"
This is my favorite by Abou Debeing so far. Simply wavy. Note that singing the chorus in a French accent does not mean you're finally fluent in French. But its good to dream, no? "Gucci gang, gucci gang, gucci gang; Louis vuitton, Coco na Chanel; Gucci gang, gucci gang, gucci gang; Versace, Balmain, Louboutin" lol yup.

Abou Debeing Ft Dadju - "C'est Pas Bon"
This one's very afro-beats infused, and I think Dadju had something to do with that. I loved it. It was well produced.

Abou Debeing - "La danse de Paname"
Btw, "'Paname' is a slang word for Paris. Like you would call New York 'The big apple'". Now we know.

L'Algérino - "Les Menottes"
French-Algerian artist. This song is CATCHY lol. And I love the melody change before the bridge. A little piece of beauty before the end.

Singuila - "Ay mama"
Congolese and Central African artist!

BANDOS  Moombahton Instrumental 2018  (MHD Type Beat)
I already love the Moombahton sub-genre. Throw in an MHD beat, with a hint of Reggaeton, and I'm sold. #takemymoney

Guilty pleasures:

L'Algérino - "Va Bene"
Is it just me or have I heard a sample of this in a Dancehall track a couple years back. Can't remember who the artist was...

TAL - "D.A.O.W (Dance All Over the World)"
I had to throw in a Pop song. This one in particular has an interesting pre-chorus beat and I think I prefer the build to the chorus better than the chorus itself. Who am I kidding. I've been dancing to this in my car since I got it. I like her vibe!