Sub-genre: C.H.H

Truth be told the only type of hip hop I've long since chosen to collect in abundance and meditate on is Christian Hip Hop. Its uplifting, you know exactly what thoughts you're going to get, and its always pleasantly surprising when you see how this nook in the industry is changing and becoming more of a worthy challenger to the rest of industry, as it diversifies and improves its own craft without losing its main focus which is Jesus and the great commission. 

Each artist is different. Aside from the light hearted party bangers, I also love hearing the personal stories told in their songs and the viable and positive solutions they present to the listener. I may not be a music artist, but I'm a creative and a person is trying to solidify her practical purpose on earth, so I can relate and appreciate many of these artist's transparency on their struggles and triumphs a lot.

Yes, not all of them polish up/grow over time, but then again that's just like in any genre. You'll always have artists who fall to the wayside because...well...LIFE. Some artists choose not to classify themselves as Christian hip hop artists, and go with just "hip hop" artists. That debate is never ending. My stance on it is, as a professed Christian, you're a Christian first then you're *insert job title*. Also if you're truly a Christian and are NOT weakly ashamed (Romans 1:16); if you're choosing to run in Christ-centered art/music is what it is. That's a blog post for another time lol

My point is, whether some of these artists call themselves "Christian" Hip Hop artists or not...depending on their content, they can count on being marked down as Christian Hip Hop in MY Archive lol

Another note is that I personally choose to classify Rap and some R&B as...Hip Hop. Over time these genres have melded together SO much its been fascinating to see their changes and new sounds. 

I've had multiple sources of CHH in the past, but today, my main source is Rapzilla's Soundcloud and Youtube channel. It's the main gateway most artists choose to showcase their art/craft, and the platform Rapzilla is great at putting new artists at the forefront. Other great sources are DJ Wade-O's pod-casts, Chris Chicago, and some smaller avenues on Youtube that put out great uploads every now and then. If you know of any more, let a girl know!

Here's a sample of the artists I currently have in the Archive: