NEW Music To the Archive [January 28th 2019]

Latest additions to my ever-growing music archive...

More on the French music scene!

Shado Chris feat. Locko - "Kitadi" 
O.m.g this song is everything. How can you NOT dance when the beat drops in the chorus??? HOW? Lol I didnt know what to do when i first heard it, but i DID 2-step lol. Video is great too!

Nej' - "Aime moi demain (Remix)"
Once again I'm a sucker for that West African sound in the guitar-pick (as in most french songs in this decade). I have never heard of her before. Interesting twist: She never shows her eyes! Or atleast the upper part of her face. Similar to something Sia does with her wigs. I like it. Must be tough to keep up while filming, but I like it haha

Wassila - "Dadju (Cover)"
Wassila, Wassila, Wassilaaaaa :) Another artist who's new to me. She's won me over with her sweet and amazing vocals. She reminds me of JoJo (when she was starting out) in her musical style. She did a GREAT job on this cover!

Wassila - "Laisse Tomber"
Ok this might be my 2nd favorite song by Wassila. I've had this on repeat enough times and its not annoyed me yet.

Nej' - "Mamayé"
This one is my 2nd fave from Nej, simply because of the instrumental and her light vocals.

Wassila - "Cariño"

Wassila - "Mina"

DJ Kayz feat. Wassila & Scridge - "Jour J"
DJ Kays and Wassila on the same track?? Yes Please.

DJ Kayz feat. Souf - "Beauté marocaine"

Nej' - "Delhi"
Here's a French-Indian track that HAD to make the list. Best of both worlds.

Lyna Mahyem Ft. Medi Meyz - "Bye Bye"
Never heard of Lyna before. I like her voice, the attitude in her voice and confidence in her videos. This song's more on the chill side, but still has a groove on that down-beat. Yes.

Lyna Mahyem - "Yéké"
Ok this song unexpectedly got me lol. That afro-beat is pretty good. Her voice is too auto-tuned in this one though.