Caring for my braids

My current choice of protective styling are those easy classic braids. Not box braids, but the original (my opinion) kind. Medium sized, short braids. I keep them in for about 7 weeks. That’s about one and a half months, until I change it up and get to play with my hair again! Lol Actually my next opening day is coming up in 4 days. Time flies!

In those 7 weeks, I care for my hair despite it being encased in a more “permanent” do.

I massage my scalp, as well as moisturize my braids with simple homemade concoctions.

To moisturize, I create a mix in a spray bottle. Amounts may differ depending on the size of your spray bottle. When I add my ingredients, I use a rough estimate making sure not to add too much of either item.

3/4 (175 ml) cup of bottled water
1 tsp (5 ml) of Aura Cacia organic glycerin
1 tsp (5 ml) of extra virgin olive oil
5 drops (a little less than 1/4 tsp[125ml]) of Nature's Alchemy rosemary essential oil

Put them all in your bottle and give the bottle a good shake.

The glycerin pulls moisture from the air to your hair. The rosemary oil stimulates hair growth, prevents dandruff and promotes shine.

Ive been using this mix every morning for the past year and it's been brilliant in keeping my hair oiled and moisturized until my next bi-weekly braids-wash-day. I don’t spray before bed due to the oils in the mix.

Occasionally (every other day to avoid rapid build-up), I massage my scalp with a mix of JBCO (Jamaican black castor oil) & olive oil in an applicator bottle (preferably a small one if you can find one). 2-parts olive oil; 1-part JBCO.  I mix the two because JBCO tends to be very thick! JBCO is also great for growth.

I purchased my handy spray bottle from my local Sally's Beauty supply store. It's a sort of mist spray bottle that covers a lot of ground so all you really need is about 5 good squeezes. To clean it for the next mix, I use an old toothbrush with a wide head, squeeze some foaming soap into it and scrub! Super easy!